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Monday, March 22, 2010

Java Jive!

So, this weekend, I thought I'd play aspiring author in public for the first time.  After I ran my errands, I went into a Peet's Coffee shop to work on the novel.  With such a beautiful day, I figured it would be empty, quiet, a nice oasis in the sea of Pasadena Saturday hustle and bustle.

I was so wrong.

Found the last available table and borrowed a chair from someone.  So far so good.  But there was a live band in the corner--guitarist, keyboardist, reeds and a guy on conga drums.  Very hip and progressive, but I can't write when I hear music. Screw it, I can do this.  I pulled out my laptop and fired it up.

My computer battery decided to drain like a wide open tub with the stopper out. But I was on a mission to complete my first major rewrite before the battery died.  All I got done was cutting out the old text; the new will be moved to another day.  When my computer got down to 20%, I thought I'd better cool it.  Turned it off and put it back in the case.

Fortunately, I had my manuscript with me, so I could continue with editing.  I found more errors and a few more inconsistencies. It was hard, though.  Streams of people kept pouring in, and I couldn't help eavesdropping.  I was also sitting close to the cashier, who seemed to spend most of his time explaining the difference in cup sizes between Peets and Starbucks.  Poor guy. I was surprised it was so busy.

But I was cranking along. I'd been trying desperately to tune out voices, when I heard a familiar one.  A coworker came in with his wife and tried to sneak up on me.  Funny.  I'm used to doing tele-meetings at work and hearing his voice, which is why it stood out to me.

I was there for maybe 90 minutes.  I think I get more done at home, however.  Maybe next time, Starbucks....

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